General Conditions

Kojan Koral disclaims responsibility for any loss, damage, accidents, or sickness that might occur during our tours. The same applies for any changes in tour schedule due to weather, strikes or any other irregularity outside Kojan Koral’s control.

Kojan Koral reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or departure times, without prior notice, should the necessity arise.


Kojan Koral reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or timetables should the necessity arise, including irregularities due to adverse weather or road conditions. No responsibility is taken for losses or expenses due to delay or changes of flights, injury, damaged, negligence, weather, war or other unforeseeable causes. The estimated duration of tours as indicated on our website are standard times and can vary according to road or weather conditions. Punctuality is a key objective in Kojan Koral’s operation. However, delays may occur for unforeseen reasons. The company cannot be made responsible for losses that a passenger may face due to delay, regardless whether the loss is direct or indirect.


Bookings for individuals can be done on-line through our website. If any problems are encountered while booking please send an e-mail to

Terms of Payment

Online bookings: When booking online using our booking engine you pay the full amount upon arrival to Kojan Koral, we don’t charge your card.

Validity of Prices

  • All rates quoted or shown in our tariffs are based on current purchasing prices in Croatia.
  • Any eventual changes in rates will not be made with less than 8 weeks notice prior to arrival.
  • After the invoice has been issued the price is guaranteed against any surcharge, unless an increase is due to government laws or currency changes.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing (e-mail for instance), in conformity with business practices within the Kojan Koral.

Cancellations of scheduled tours:

  • Cancellations made with more than a 72 hour notice (prior to departure): no charge
  • Cancellations made between 24 hour and 48 hour notice: 50% charge
  • Cancellations made with less than a 24 hour notice: 100% charge
  • No-show at pickup: 100% charge

Please be on time!

Kojan Koral reserves the right to leave without guests who are more than 5 minutes late – this is done as a courtesy to other guests who are on time or waiting elsewhere!

Liability release policy

  • By purchasing this ticket participants voluntary agree to participate in Kojan Koral rides and take full responsibility for their actions during Kojan Korals rides and agree to release and discharge Kojan Koral, its owners, agents and employees from all claims, demands and causes of action and legal liability
  • Each guest is responsible for his own vehicle
  • Any damages till 1.000 euro are covered by guests themselves
  • No additional insurance is available for this, guests must follow the given instructions of the guide and no other problems will arise

Kojan Koral reserves the right to refuse service to any individual for any reason.