Info about COVID-19

In order to adapt to the new conditions in 2020, Kojan Koral has been further enhanced by the implementation of new protocols in line with the recommendations of health organizations related to Covid-19.

We are diligent in what we do, and we care for our guests safety. That being said we believe that we are safest place for you to visit. Away from the city crowds we are isolated in our own small piece of heaven. Tours that we offer are all in open spaces with plenty of distance between guests.

We are not relying only on the space that we have, but we are also disinfecting our equipment (helmets, goggles, handlebars, seats, etc.) after every tour, as well as our facilities. Same as we have done before. Only thing different that we will do is skip hand shaking, a custom we find important as part of welcoming you to our home. We hope that this will not be taken the wrong way, but it is for your safety.

What you can do for your self is to wear a mask and gloves when going on the trip and let us take care of the rest.