Kojan Koral was founded in 2003 in the beautiful nature of Konavle with an idea to introduce tourists to our wilderness. It was the owners desire to have horses and to make others come to his ranch and enjoy all the perks of horse riding on their vacation. He built the stable on family’s piece of land that was nothing more than a wild patch of forest and rocks. But his dream came true. Kojan Koral has a long time standing tradition and is know all over Dubrovnik and its countryside. Know for its beautiful location it holds seven magnificent horses that are treated like family members.

Over the years ranch branched out into off road safaris, because not everyone was sharing the idea for horseback riding, but the owner has another passion and that is of off road adventures.

My name is Pero Kojan, I was born on June 15th 1980. Even as a boy I loved spending time with animals in nature. Then I knew my life will be connected to nature and animals I just didn’t know how. In 2003, when I was only 23 years old, I turned my dreams into reality. I built a stable on the family land, but until then I had only seen horses on pictures and television. I believe if a person truly wants something he or she will accomplish it.

The adventure begun and it triggered my entrepreneurial adventurous spirit, because entrepreneurship is an adventure. I wanted to show all the natures beauties of the land I was born in and where my ancestors built their homes.

After some time I realized that not everybody are ready to mount a horse and go riding in the nature. So for those who love off road, which is my second passion, I came up with ATV quad and Buggy safaris.